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Please comment on this post with links to material about Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals that you’ve found useful.


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  1. Megan Kwan,

    I found the advertisement examples useful in how the appeals were actually applied in a variety of ways in communicating certain ideas. Humour is a great tool which appeals to audiences (pathos) seen from this link in the slideshow

    • [c],

      Ha, I’m going to show the second example to my son. He’ll laugh and maybe he’ll be less inclined to take up smoking too. I think there is an interesting approach to Ethos here as well, knowing your audience, avoiding being patronizing, etc.

  2. Petra Willemsen,

    Came across this while searching for more information on the 3 appeals, he explains them quite simply and brings in thoughts on how they relate to design and not just text/speeches. He also mentions two other techniques, kairos and topos, if anyone were curious.

    • [c],

      The references to Kairos and Topos were also helpful, for sure. Topos can be considered in terms of Inventio too, which is something we’ll discuss later. Also I think people often overlook the notion of relating to your audience in terms of Ethos, and focus almost exclusively on the notion of credibility or authority. I think it’s useful to think of sympathy and empathy as Ethos building skills or considerations.

  3. Sisi Zhou,


    This designer uses three common grocery products to demonstrate the three appeals. A helpful, concrete example of how the appeals are used in advertizing and packaging.


    This blog post discusses how the appeals are used in designing websites and UIs.

  4. Karim Kadi,

    I found a great lesson created by TEDed on Ethos, Pathos and Logos as it not only explains the 3 appeals, but also gives a variety of examples from advertising. There are a couple questions that go along with the video and an amazing example of a speech from Mad Men where Don uses the three appeals, especially pathos, to present the carousel.


    Mad Men video:

  5. A pretty straight forward but informative look at the three proofs; also has a couple of links to more informative descriptions. Hope it helps!

  6. Alexandra Sigouin,

    A good playlist of commercials that use the appeals; logos, ethos, and pathos.

  7. Yuri Vaz,

    I’m probably posting this a little too late but I found this video to be very interesting on the practical application of the appeals.

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